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  New Event Horizon    
    Computer drawing, sound and editing by Asuka Katagiri

Original : 4K (3840x2160) 12s

Created in 2013, edited in 2021


"New Event Horizon #001"


"New Event Horizon" creates a two-dimensional image based on one-dimensional information composed of "0 and 1" calculated by a computer program.

The feature of this work is that there is a surface where the display does not shine in the center. This work consists of a black surface and an area of shining light. As the number of calculations on the computer increases, the black surface becomes an area of light. I was inspired by the information about computers and black holes. Black holes are most dense in the central area where light cannot escape.

A black hole creates a curved two-dimensional plane in a three-dimensional space. If you fall into a black hole, you will approach the boundary of space-time where you cannot return to the three-dimensional space. That is the event horizon.

My work is a new "event horizon" in the information space.

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